Ancient Yoga Club for School

Monday, 16 November 2009 16:49 ADMMHSE

ANCIENT Yoga Club for All Schools

Ancient Yoga Club for Schools

Suitably Designed for All levels (primary & secondary) and all types of schools, (government, private, International and local language schools like Tamil, Chinese and Islamics) schools, colleges and universities.

1 : Establish Yoga Club in your school
2 : Clean & Neat Hall to Practice Yoga
3 : Distribute circulation to parents
4 : Register students names for yoga club
5 : Organize Yoga Class for all students
6 : Duration will be minimum 1.5 hour /day once a week

Class Highlights
Ancient Yoga Consulting will organize all related to yoga training by appointed dedicated Yoga Instructor / Master for each school.

Class Content
A complete cycle of yoga training will be provided, which covering Eye Exercise, Alternate Nostril Breathing Exercise, Open Meditation and Yoga Postures. All practical comes with notes, explanation in scientific manner. With more then 84 yoga asana (yoga posture types) which covers the following:

Yoga for Stress Management, Creative & Intellect Growth, Immune System, Women's Health, Emotional Energetic, Health & Wellbeing, Sports and Theory & History of Yoga

Harvest the list of benefits in 5.5 Yoga Benefit and many more immediately and everlasting.

o Improve Intellectual Power towards 100% scores
o Create stronger bonds
o Learn to act beyond self interest
o Can validate self and others
o Celebrate and evaluate life
o Find support for daily living
o Learn how to live in community


Student Components

Yoga instruction for all grades during the school day. Students / participants will receive direct instruction at significant times from class teachers for the better learning stage as per instruction.

Each class will do yoga at the start of each day as well as at significant times such as before recess or before tests/exam to support students to re-establish calmness and focus.

Curriculum is developmentally appropriate and differentiated. Its cover yoga postures as well as breathing, thinking/problem solving, concentration and focusing, and stress management exercises for childrens. These lessons have the goal of educating students internal management skills to maintain a good learning stage. Curriculum will coordinate with other programs such as TRIBES
to increase bonding with other students, make positive choices, and enhance creative expression, self-confidence and other self-esteem and group building support.

Resource/Recovery Room Yoga Specialist will be available to support individual students when individual needs time away from the classroom. Here, all student will have the chance to self-regulate their energy before return to the classroom.

Special Student classes will be taught at all grade levels on a referral and pull-out basis for students who can benefit from more focused yoga classes. These classes will be taught by the yoga consultant.

Lessons integrate into an existing health and other curriculum where appropriate.

Staff Consultation/Direct Teaching

Consultant will model curriculum for teachers by teaching directly the main lessons to students in units which take about two weeks to complete. Then the class teachers will teach from the modeling of the lesson until the next unit will be taught in each classroom by the consultant.

Consultant is available during the school day to work with individual students, support school staff and to teach special student classes.

Yoga Consultant will manage the administrative needs for the program.

Teacher Training/Support Component

Teachers workshop consisting training in personal and professional application of yoga. Curriculum will be introduc during the initial trainings.

Weekly classes will continue throughout the rest of the school till end of the year.

Ongoing professional education and consultation. Consultants will provide continuous professional support through curriculum training, on-going class supervision and evaluation.

Time will be set during staff meetings for sharing and feedback about how the program is going on for teachers.

Family Component and Community Component

Families engage in a six week family yoga class. The class will teach yoga to families and how to play a home family yoga game that will direct families though yoga at home. 2 classes per semester; one at each major town in whole Malaysia. May offer stipend per family to participate.

Parent yoga will be taught for parents wishing to practice yoga for developing their own practice as well as learning skills to manage their own stress levels.

In year two, mentor program begins, bring in yoga teachers from the community to be paired with students as a yoga buddy.

Parents/Teachers Advisory Committee

Educate parents and teachers about the benefits of yoga program including the creation of a video.

Give input to the curriculum development and other issues related to program implementation.


ALL findings & data from Ancient Yoga Club of Schools project will be fed into a data base which designed specifically for this project with the project manager. Compiling and submitting a final report and recommendations within 6 months of the ending of the 2-year project looking specifically at Climate, Student Achievement and Behavior Management at each school.

First year includes one control group per grade level. Second year includes all classes at Lowell

Evaluation will include observing school data, attendance and referral rates as well as achievement scores compared to previous years and control groups.

Also, anecdotal evidence will conclude how students and teachers perceive themselves prior to, during and after the first evaluation period. What are students comfort level in school, how students view taking care of themselves and if students feel better while at school.

Other evaluation methods will be devised.

Yoga Club for School Program Benefits

School Climate

Establishes common bonds between students, staff and community members at Lowell School.

Children discover a sense of awareness and respect for themselves, others, and the world around them since yoga is non-competitive and allows for differences among all students and adults including age and ability. School environment becomes more inclusive and balanced along gender and racial lines as well as other types of diversity including acceptance of persons with disabilities.

Offers the school the opportunity for self-discovery rather than relationships that do not grow and expand. Classroom energy is more devoted to a harmonious environment creating a safer place to grow in.

Children learn to become a valuable part of the school community.

Student Behavior

Works into classroom routines to create natural classroom management by practicing on a daily basis. It reduces disruptive behavior and brings back focus to learning.

Childrens/students can calm down and recognize antecedent behavior. Student learns tools to act appropriately. Childrens learn skills to make conscious choices to respond in positive ways to challenges, improving children's behavior.

Teachers will be trained in what to look for (antecedent behaviors) and when to plug one or the whole class into yoga to adjust energy level. May be able to send out a student to the Resource/Recovery Room where there would be a yoga menu of techniques they would choose between & then do the activity under supervision of that teacher.

Teachers ethics such as taking care of each other, to see the consequences of our actions and to see that the results of our relationships are win-win.

Student Achievement

Learn lifelong skills, health care so the children has relaxed and balanced mind/body improving stage of the children while learning.
Children learn about their body and how to teke care of themselves as well as develop strong limber and healthy body.
Skills to improve concentration, focus, attention span and discernment among students. This affects student's academic performance.
Cultivate self-esteem, setting patterns of success and achievement in academic performance including reading, writing and test scores.
Fosters creative expression and imagination.

It's a flexible fitness programme that's totally adaptable to any body-type or lifestyle.
It's challenging and fun. You're always learning; it's like continual progress. I'm into it; I
really enjoy it; it's great."
Dame Susan Devoy
8 times British Open squash champion
4 times World Squash Champion