Ancient Yoga Class

Monday, 16 November 2009 16:48 ADMMHSE

ANCIENT Yoga Class for Corporate

Class Highlights
Yoga Instructor / Master will conduct Practical yoga class for corporate staffs.

Class Content
A complete cycle of yoga training will be provided covering Eye Exercise, Alternate Nostril Breathing Exercise, Open Meditation and Yoga Asana Exercise. All practical comes with notes, explanation in scientific manner. With more then 84 yoga asana (yoga posture types) which more then covers the following:

Yoga for Stress Management
Yoga for Creative & Intellect Growth
Yoga for the Immune System
Yoga for Women's Health & Beauty
Yoga for our Emotional Energetic
Yoga for Health & Wellbeing
Yoga for Sports

Harvest the list of benefits in 5.5 Yoga Benefit and more immediately and everlasting.

Other Info
No duration limits but we recommend the following:
Duration : 3,6,9,12 or 18 Months

Minimum participants : 10 staffs


Duration : 3 days, 2 nights
Location : Pre-selected resort by client
Minimum : 20 participants (If not enough within own staff then we will
integrate 2 or more companies corporate staff's camp)
Maximum : 100 participants
Price : Will be quoted upon enquiry

ANCIENT Yoga Health

Specially guided and Taught for each individual or specific staff problems with
major disease/sickness without eliminating doctors advice.

Fees & Duration base on each case basis.

ANCIENT Yoga Studio Setup Services

We provide consultation advice on Room Size, Color and Material Used including
all main accessories etc.


We are selling and/or will recommend quality yoga purpose use material
such yoga mat, yoga ball, essence oil etc.

ANCIENT Class Location Nationwide Including Sabah & Sarawak

Our classes are conducted nationwide.

Please call / email us your enquiry with full address for us to provide the nearest

In most case corporate clients provide yoga practicing rooms within their
premises, thus save staffs traveling time.

ANCIENT Yoga Fees & Pricing

Payment : Monthly
Total Class : 4
Weekly : 1 class
One Day : 1.5 hours per class
Fees : RM99.00 per participant
Minimum : 10 participants
Transport : Additional Charges above 50KM radius from KL
Accommodation: Will be reimburse if location of training is new without our
trainers present.

All registration must attach with the following and any document which might be
request by ANCIENT Yoga:

* Corporate Letter or Purchase Order
* Individual Application Form
* Health Form (with doctors signature)
* Copy of health Insurance / medical card
* Signed rules sheet
* Recommendation letter