Ancient Workshop

Monday, 16 November 2009 16:47 ADMMHSE

Workshop Highlights
Superbly design one day ANCIENT Yoga Workshop. This package integrated with introducing the theory, history of Yoga, basic fundamental of yoga and practical exercise.

Do your workouts feel stale? Do you feel like you've reached a plateau with your current routine? This workshops for you! Learn how to utilize ancient yogic breathing techniques in combination with a cardio routine to increase your VO2 capacity (high altitude training at ground level), reduce injury from overtraining, trick the body into its' next fitness level and enjoy training again balancing the
aerobic and anaerobic activity.

Workshop content
The class combines a cardio workout on the spin cycle utilizing ancient yogic breathing techniques as well as specific yoga postures designed to improve cardio efficiency ie, the rowing movement involves forward and backward flows. We focus on postures that twist & rotate the hips & thoracic regions. At the end of class, you will be guided through a relaxation period. We'll introduce sports
psychology language to foster your ability to access the states of consciousness necessary to enter "the zone" during your workouts more consistently.

Practical exercise of few major posture such as all 12 type's sun salute yoga's, breathing exercise, experimental of different posture with breathing techniques which will produce different air flow within Alternate Nostril Breathing. Witness by each of participants the science of yoga themselves.

Besides knowing general and right knowledge about yoga and its fact, you will train more effectively with the time you have; you'll learn how to balance the frequency, duration and intensity of your workout program; experience a more balanced and relaxed body/mind connection; increased flexibility; increase muscle strength and core endurance towards preparing your self for full yoga