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(About Great Master)
Father of Corporate Yoga Meditation
Founder of Ancient Yoga Consulting, Malaysia
Founder of Universe Awareness Research Centre
His existence philosophy is “Living & Leave Forever”.

Wisdom is realizing the truth within self, and revealing to others
Mahaguru Elanggovan

Reveal oldest known scientific Ancient Art of Yoga Meditation to the modern corporate world.

About Mahaguru Elanggovan
Mahaguru is a first child of parents Ms Thevanai Mari (Mother) and Mr. Thanggavilo Sellamuthu (Father). He have 3 younger sisters and 1 younger brother. Namely in sequence Ms Selvajoti, Mr. Shanmugam, Ms Guhasakthy and Ms Vimala. Our Mahaguru born in town call Banting its about 25KM from Klang Royal Town in the state of Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. Just upon born within few months they moved to plantation call Sime Darby Plantation Berhad in Jalan Meru, Klang, where he was brought up till school life.

He study in Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Jalan Meru Klang (Primary), High School Klang (Secondary) and Informatics College as well Knowledge Computer Centre as IT Engineer. He have travel whole Malaysia and to several countries for ICT and Yoga teaching.

He was initiated him self into yoga meditation practicing since 11 years old.

Recognizing multiple applications for the use yoga meditation, Mahaguru Elanggovan one of the greatest Master's of corporate yoga meditation in the world.

In developing the modern techniques used today and known as 'Corporate Yoga Meditation,' Mahaguru created a new standard of perception regarding yoga meditation it self.

Mahaguru also conceived the comprehensive techniques designed to cleanse and energize the physical body, improved mental ability and synchronize mind, body, soul towards global corporate advantages in particular and benefiting man kinds.

Never before used terms, to thoroughly clarify the concepts had he devised. Mahaguru successfully has demonstrated that yoga meditation too can bring core for corporate achievement.

Mahaguru formulated an easy to learn, user friendly modularize system, so brilliantly simple that even new students staff of company from any kind of life, religion, culcuture background and from any level on academic can rapidly learn to enable them to produce instant and everlasting corporate results.

Mahaguru's students are blessed to learn numerous methods for achieving success in life, by employing his remarkably effective techniques. These powerful tools clearly reflect his extensive grasp of the numerous applications of energy and of his deep comprehension of life itself.

Through Mahaguru's teachings, his students are able to create more balance and to maintain greater success and harmony, as he guides them through the enormous range of possibilities regarding the application of yoga meditation to nearly every aspect of life.

He providing corporate yoga training to thousands of participant both from Malaysia as well oversea corporate clients. All type of organization right from government departments, hospitals, colleges, ICT, biotechnology firms, GLC, MNC, NGO, Corporation, Enterprise, Individual and more have benefited from his training.

Quick Interview with Mahaguru Elanggovan

Elan's holiday in Manchester, UK.

A Unique way of getting Bless and Knowledge from Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan
The book “Guide to the Practice of Kundalini Ghana”

Student Ask
When did Mahaguru started yoga meditation?

Mahaguru answer
Since young age from about eleven years old I started to realize the important of meditation to focus. Initially I have just started by focusing a candle light as focusing point. When I’m around the age of nineteen years old through discussion with friends I have not only come know but feel and realize the core of meditation which is ‘Kundalini Yoga Meditation’. When I begin to search a book to know in proper details I have not found to purchase any one of it. Further more I realize that to practice Kundalini Yoga Meditation every individual required to meet a earthly existed enlightenment and self realize spiritual master / yoga guru to initiate and guide the art of self power scientifically. So I don’t have interest to look for Kundalini yoga meditation guide books from book shops anymore.

Student Ask
So how you got your initiation, systematic knowledge and have you meet your guru?

Mahaguru Answer
Around beginning of year 1997 a stranger man (which I meet once only in my life) by the name Mr. Lim Chom Chin, a Chinese personal visited SPEETS Computer System (SCS) where I were involved into ICT Consulting work. Mr. Lim Intention was to do type setting of his about 10 over pages hand written documents. As SCS do not offer such typing service the front desk staff almost refuses to help Mr. Lim but finally when I come out and found staffs are a bit relax without much workload then I have taken and pass it to a clerk to type it for Mr. Lim. While he waiting for the document being typed he ask me do you meditate? I say yes but I need to meet someone where I should refine the yoga and meditation methods.

Immediately he when to his car and taken a small green color book title “Guide to the Practice of Kundalini Ghana”. The book is green in color with front cover with “Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan, Master of Kundalini Ghana, Philosopher and Founder of Universal Peace Sanctuary”. This is a book compile in English and Chinese explanation about eighteen pages of English and about thirteen pages of Chinese language and total of 35 pages and the complete detail to the core the final truth as it in scientific manner of Kundalini Yoga Meditation.

Guru Paranjothi Subramaniam

I ask him can I meet the Master Paranjothi Mahan but he told me that the said spiritual master already Merge or “Samadhi”. When he hand over the book my brother Shanmugam, my sister Guhasakthy was in office too. When I ask him can I follow him to meet his current Guru he said he and this book travel from Penang, Malaysia and that Guru speaks only Mandarin language thus he can’t take me to obtain the knowledge and inform me however I will meet the truth Kundalini Yoga Guru at earliest. Upon he hand over the book within about 2 minutes he collected back the document which given to type in computer, when I ask that our clerk have not completed typing all pages, he reply saying his work his done, not too worried on the documents and he will manage it on his own. The content of the book is unique not only the information of what is Kundalini Yoga Meditation, additionally it includes methodology how to do Kundalini Yoga Initiation for students. Within one year after I got the book on 18th May 1998 I meet my Guru Gnanavallal Paranjothi Subramanian. My Guru Subramanian his disciples of Guru Paranjothi Sivasankaran whom a disciples of Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan. By year of 1999 after practicing Kundalini Yoga Meditation for about a year I begin to realize the finest art of self power should reach every corporate individual as well.

Kundalini Yoga Meditation Guru

Gnanavallal Paranjothi Subramaniam, Founder of SAC

Hatha Yoga System Training Guru

Dr. M. Raajamanikam D.Sc, PPN, PJK
Yoga Master, Yoga Bishekh, Yoga Telagam,
Founder & President of MPYTC.

Student Ask
Why you are call as Mahaguru and how you achieve this stage, who knows about it?

Mahaguru answer
A mother will conceive a child and get delivery a baby become daughter of the said mother. Upon the daughter grown, married then she too will get pregnant she has to update or inform to the outside world and to her mother too, saying that she already successfully conceived baby and pregnant and achieved pre-motherhood stage. The outside world can only recognize her pregnancy while stomach size growing bigger not at initial stage. Pre-parental process she experience is her experience knowledge acquired practically, and the world got to accept what she obtain it successful and real.

Same its goes here as first step students of yoga meditation obtain knowledge impacted by his Guru and eventually become teacher him self that’s the moment he achieved his enlightenment and self realization level with intellectual evolution to create another students of yoga meditation then he is achieve the status of Guru and thus name recognizing the Guru is important. At this level initially the Guru him self have to provide the info to outside world that he have achieve the Guru stage. In my situation I have done responsibility by recognize self and provide a platform to recognize as Mahaguru to outside world.

In summary the above fact is know as re-action of INTERCOURSE action. Successful conceived a baby is known and result as of Sexual Intercourse where else Successful conceived Universal Mind Knowledge is call as Cosmic Intellectual Intercourse. CONCEIVED BABY is 3rd dimensional activities and CONCEIVED UNIVERSAL MIND KNOWLEDGE is 4th dimensional activities.

Both INTERCOURSES only can be known to the ACHIEVED personal until updated to outside world.

Mahaguru owns Diploma in Yoga Natural Living & Human Physiology. Graduate of United Nation, UNESCO recognize Yoga Institute, MPYTC. Graduate of SAC on 7DTJ, EPA, 14 DAYS SOUL NOURISHMENT advance workshop. Hatha Yoga Practitioner & Trainer. Kundalini Yoga Meditation Practitioner & Kundalini Yoga Initiating Guru for participants. Heart Centre & Body Chakra Healing Practitioner & Heart Centre Initiation Trainer.

Mahaguru’s passion to yoga meditation and un-conditional love to man kind lead’s him to withdraw his position as CEO and CSA in international ICT firm and fully focus on corporate yoga meditation since 2007.

Founder of Corporate Yoga
For those seekers on the materialistic growth as well spiritual path, Mahaguru has developed a system of practices that leads to greater life achievement in corporate world as well as add on complementary gift towards soul (or self) realization.

These powerful techniques use ancient technology in original and creative combinations in order to activate and align the chakras and to awaken the Kundalini energy or the "life force lying latent within every individual". Mahaguru is first great master invented and provide simple, safe, legal, moral yet most powerful methods Kundalini Initiation for Corporate World.

Corporate Yoga is an advanced meditation technique, that proportionally balances aspects of Universal Love, Intelligence and the Will. Practitioners are thereby able to develop higher intuition, advanced mental powers, stable emotions, stress free office operational environment, clearer qualities of good character, greater sense of leaderships and are able to move more rapidly toward becoming totally integrated beings of Divine Light driving force achieving corporate goals (mission & vision).

The Institute AYC provide overall ancient knowledge covering yoga, chakra therapy meditation, interactive transformational workshop, Kundalini Initiation yoga meditation and healing training in 100% scientific manner.

The Scientist
Initially trained as a software engineer, now students often refer Mahaguru Elanggovan as a "scientist of the human breath oxygen" and “Doctorate of Corporate Yoga Meditation”. This scientific orientation enabled him to carefully systematize the techniques of breath and life in corporate world.

Through extensive research, Mahaguru Elanggovan developed a discipline called "Self Power Yoga Meditation." The implications of this are profound, powerful, far-reaching and exciting for mankind. Even more advanced teachings are transmitted to senior disciples and advanced students during special intensive workshops.

The Great Teacher
People often wonder how an astute, self-made businessman and adept ICT Consultant can be an Enlightened Guru. These are the qualities that make Mahaguru Elanggovan a unique spiritual teacher for this modern time.

One of his distinctive qualities as a teacher is his ability to cause significant shifts of consciousness in his students. In his workshop, his students can experience spiritual elevation, mental alertness, emotional balance and a higher level of energy. His pragmatic teaching methodology further, enables his students to obtain volumes of lessons that will be relevant for an entire corporate world for lifetime. Not only can these individuals experience significant improvement in themselves, but upon becoming leaders in corporate, they can also transfer this advanced technology for transformation to others or all their team members. His teaching including 7 Days Corporate Interactive Transformation Workshop which reveals The Art, Science & Technology of Self Power to Corporate World. “Powerful workshop link as bridge between SELF POWER and SUCCESS”

The Author
The unique style of Mahaguru Elanggovan teaching is equally reflected in the direct, uncluttered style of his writing. While it may not be possible for everyone to experience Mahaguru Elanggovan’s wisdom and energy by personally attending his workshops, by reading his books, articles, free e-books, audio, video a individual may have greater understanding of the Mahaguru’s unique invention of corporate yoga meditation and discover many esoteric "secrets," and learn practical techniques for living life more fully with less stress and with greater productivity. Mahaguru’s writing including “Live a Life to Leave”, “Yoga Meditation is Sciences”. These books are being invited by global experts from various countries to be translated to language like Tamil, Mandarin, Turkish, Arab and more. Mahaguru Elanggovan’s latest articles including “Yoga for Kids” and “About Asthma & Curing Asthma via Yoga Meditation”. Mahaguru Elanggovan believes that we inhabitants of universal are ready for a major shift in consciousness. We are fortunate to anticipate through Mahaguru’s incredible generosity of spirit, he will share with us more of his amazing knowledge and his boundless understanding of an immense variety of new subjects.

Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.
Chinese proverb

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