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History Of Yoga

History of Yoga

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Most a situation query by potential yoga participant are if I learn yoga then I have to say or wish my religious contradictory mantras, god name, words (vocal vibration), seeing the image & statue, learning history which not related to my culture and many more related doubt.  It’s from Meditation & Yoga born other Indian cultural.  This ancient knowledge born at edge of non-religious millennium which was they called as ‘Dharma’ Millennium which means Compassionate & Sharing of Knowledge Millennium.  In this edge the original knowledge appear in the form of pure science, biological and universal and no theoretical comparison.  Anything can be managed & measure means science.  These reveal from highest state of consciousness with Un-Conditional Love ‘Dharma / Anbu’.  In this new era everyone will understand direct actual scientific fact rather then imposing un-necessary belief system.  We Ancient Yoga Consulting take you to the very original pure scientific knowledge.

For first time in Malaysia Ancient Yoga Consulting have been structure by eliminating the non-confirming info which is not the scientific fact of original Yoga from Indian Ancient Knowledge without compromising detail briefing real essence to participants.

About vocal vibration or words (mantras) wish internally or externally:
All original vocal vibration in ancient knowledge refer and confirming to Sound power level or acoustic power level is a logarithmic measure of the sound power in comparison to a specified reference level to tune our biological body and create right chemical reaction in brain to harvest highest advantages.

We only use vocal vibration ‘mantras’ which core and invented from n dB sound power fundamental for realizing specific benefits biologically.  We have identified more then 70% of mantras are not original in Yoga and not invented by Patanjali Yogi and its un-necessary ad-on.  All belief system, symbolic and catalyst kind of contents are removed and replaced with original truth scientific informative.  Please refer to “About Yoga Topic for details”.

Yoga & Meditation is directly connected to Aura & Aura Camera the modern advance biometric technology integrated with easy presentable window software’s!  Invention derives from very same original Indian knowledge known as Chakra.  Throughout history, Auras could only be seen by only a gifted few and most of them are Indian Yogis.  Today for modern scientists, it is a concrete, existing energy field that surround living creatures. The Aura is formed by subtle color radiances which surround the body of a human being. These radiances can be perceived by a psychic. Each color signifies a certain vibration which has different meanings.

The Aura, which is connected with the activity of the chakra (Sanskrit for "energy wheel"), reflects the individual state of consciousness. In that case, the colors of the Aura give us information about the quality of consciousness, as well as one's emotions, thoughts, abilities and the vital energies of a person.

Modern scientists measure the Aura as a electromagnetic field around living creatures.  Through modern technology, given everyone the ability to see Auras!  The reading is actual indication of thinking arise & state of mind from brain for individuals.  Most crystal or stone sales showroom does offer Aura Photo services in Malaysia.

If you denied yoga and meditation then you also denying aura from living scripture specifically radiance of frequency from chakra of human body then in other words you are denying Computer, Wireless Networking, Microsoft Windows XP and Biometric Authentication Device (finger print security products).

Yes we can lead similar quality life without yoga & meditation for example live a life without Astro subscription is also possible then you are not harvesting the entertainment & knowledgeable information.  Similarly without yoga and meditation you are not harvesting the fullest benefit of breathing.

Thus we only practice, impart and trained explain from scientifically point of view hence we also call it as Science of Yoga for Success (SYS).

What actually yoga activity all about?
?    Asana (Postures)
?    Prana (Breathing)

In ancient times scholars worked for their own improvement;
Now a days they seek only to win the approval of others.
Confucius, Analects 14.24 (551-479 BCE)

We provide special discount or rebate for retired citizen, golden citizen, single father, single mother, special people (disability), OKU, people with health issue, welfare homes and NGO.

Happy Yoga!




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Words cannot convey the value of Yoga & Meditation. It has to be experienced!
There is can never be another knowledge arise beyond Yoga & Meditation”

By Elanggovan