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Vimala Thanggavilo co-founder she explored in Yoga & Meditation of the Indian Ancient Knowledge as earlier as 19 years old which is officially and systematically. She was guided and initiated in the Kundalini Yoga Meditation by Gananavallal Paranjothi Subramaniam. Under guidance from her revered gurus, she began to practice Kundalini Yoga Meditation in 1999. She also successfully, completed 7DTJ, EPA & SOUL NOURISHMENT (BWG) in SAC.

Having Architecture Technology Diploma proceeding to be certified Architect. Mean while she is founder of her own operating architect services firm V Design & Consultant. She also obtains The Heart Centre chakra (Anahatha) initiation during the BWG 14 days programme, healing with body energy techniques are taughts.




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THE STAR, Monday August 6, 2007 (By Sabry Tahir)
Airlines Engineer goes for yoga to de-stress

MALAYSIA Airlines aircraft engineer Boey Choong Peng took up yoga classes solely to ease his back pain. However, a few months after enrolling at the Yoga Franchise, he was hooked on the xercises that not only helped alleviate his suffering but brought other benefits as well.  “I am stronger in my inner self and have gained better control of a stressful situation,” he asserted.