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Shanmugam S. Thanggavilo founder has explore and searched on Yoga & Meditation of the Indian Ancient Knowledge as earlier as 19 years old and officially and systematically since at the age of 23 years old. Last 6 years he has been practicing the Ancient Yoga Methodology strictly to be the best way of transferring ancient knowledge to everyone regardless of gender, religion and race. He was guided and initiated in the Kundalini Yoga Meditation by Gananavallal Paranjothi Subramaniam. Under guidance from his revered gurus, he began to practice Kundalini Yoga Meditation in 1999. He also successfully completed 7DTJ & EPA in SAC.

He have incorporated the wide corporate experience into Ancient Yoga Methodology which very well suites modern & advance corporation with their philosophy. Our Ancient Yoga is perfect Platform for every corporation to design structure on it and construct own intended building with their very original philosophy.

He is also the co-founder of iSPEETS. He has written software in Assembly Language, Multimedia based tools and developed customized software in MS Windows environment. He has advanced skill in handling Windows NT, Novell Netware, and latest stage of art technology in Web, SMS server, Multimedia and Bio-metric Security technology. He was an Art Director for Multimedia projects with his skill to compose audio/sounds, creativity graphics. He headed the project of iSPEETS Fardhu Ain Ver 1.0 in 1997, a Islamic Multimedia Education CD Project. His is a specialist in R&D, design and develop unique Statistical Process Control (SPC) Software & Hardware Solution, and well experienced in advancing devices such as OMRON Electronic sensors and Advantech SCSI Controller's. He headed a number of latest stages of art technology on CCTV, Biometrics and Firewall Security projects. He was CIO for Law Firm Sys project on Java, Linux & MySQL platforms. He is the writer of MOE project blue print documentation and proposal for E-Government ICT Projects for Malaysia.




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Words cannot convey the value of Yoga & Meditation. It has to be experienced!
There is can never be another knowledge arise beyond Yoga & Meditation”

By Elanggovan