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Master's Prime Caption : Life is School, Situation is Lesson, and the result is nothing else, Knowing Your Self.

Elanggovan Thanggavilo, founder and program director has explored and searches on Yoga & Meditation the Indian Ancient Knowledge as earlier as 20 years old. He begins officially and systematically since at the age of 27 years old in 1998 from Malaysia's renowned Meditation & Yoga Training Institute (SAC). Then from 2001 become a prime student of Yoga Master, Yoga Bishekh Dr. M. Raajamanikam D.Sc.

He was guided and initiated in the Kundalini Yoga Meditation by Paranjothi Subramaniam. Under guidance from his revered guru's, he began practicing Kundalini Yoga Meditation from 10th June 1998 and soon became a teacher himself on yoga and meditation science of living. While continuing with his spiritual development, Elanggovan studied and embraced the latest Western concepts in psychology and psychotherapy. This took him to the United Kingdom to explore modern human resource development methodology. For the past 13 years of extensive exploration now he
draws an original fact on yoga & meditation. Naturally born Un-conditional Love made him realize the need to design the original scientific concept of yoga & meditation without conflict of religious aspect, not even the words or pictures in all trainings.

Prime Caption
Life is School, Situation is Lesson, and the result is nothing else, Knowing Your Self.

Caption on Knowledge
Knowledge (Vedas), Super Consciousness Mind, Cosmic Library, Universal Truth and Enlightenment doesn't fall on any brand of people's group by just presenting in various types. All activities which are customized stimulation for triggering minds neurons and nurture core thru for intellectual evolution within one self of every individual. Meditation and Yoga is for ALL!

Note: Various types means "languages, geographical, time & space 'location', design, dance, exercise, song, symbolic, ritual, seed words 'Mantra', epic, stories 'real happen or legend', statue, pictures, drawing, imagination and any other visualization"

Simpler way of explaining about Kundalini, Heart Centre & Yoga Exercise Kundalini Yoga Meditation is the best innovative innovation ever invented in whole universal existed history. Heart Centre Meditation is Error Free Scientific Solution for the mankind's well being. Yoga is the process of becoming free from limited definitions of the field of consciousness thus become best investment to harvest Kundalini & Heart Centre Meditation's Advantages. We don't encourage each person become number 1,2 or 3.... but we welcome all become 100% at their own phase and nature ever with abundance for all.
... by Elanggovan.

In life nothing same but everything are;
Whole process of life flow is fluctuating variable except;
Which is astonishingly unique formula to even to think or accept about the said
consistent result! "GL=GL"
... by Elanggovan.

Please refer for more captions at 'Founder Elanggovan's Quotes'

May 1998, Programme Attended: Seven Days Transformational Journey (7DTJ)
• Learn Heart Centre Meditation - in its True sense
• Tap into your Subconscious and Unconscious mind and Uncover their Secrets
• Understand how to Integrate Spirituality into your every day life
• Heal emotional wounds and improve relationships
• Discover the hidden Creativity within you
• Understand the Meaning of Life and the path to Self Realization

June 1998, Workshop Attended: Enhance Prosperity & Abundance (EPA)
Among a wealth of other information, these are some of the areas that the course
delves into:
* Self Image
* Attitude
* Living Magnificently
* Time Management
* Exercise & Health
* Money Awareness
* Leadership
* Social &Family
* Thought Is Power
* Goal Setting and Achieving Techniques
* Spiritual Laws Governing Success

May 1999, Conference Attended: SOUL NOURISHMENT, 14 Days Being With Guru (BGW1)
The programme is held amongst tropical rainforest, historical mountain called 'Gunung Ledang' and fresh water fall streams at the Asahan Melaka, Malaysia.

This advanced programme is primarily experiential, taken himself beyond the conscious and subconscious levels of thinking and uncovering self unconscious mind. The programme was group oriented, although participants are given ample individual guidance into the process of balancing "the dance of opposites" within themselves. The Heart Centre chakra (Anahatha) is initiated during the 14 days programme, and healing with body energy techniques are taught. In addition, we were initiated into the profound techniques and experiences of Astral Travel. Upon the completion of the 14 days
programme, He felt "genuine acceptance" of you, based on a more complete knowledge of whom and what are him.

Prior to the above he working in start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, Elanggovan has held a variety of executive and management positions in sales, sales management, corporate accounts, software development project management and alliance management. His extensive business experience includes project management, strategic planning, negotiating contracts, market development, market research design and implementation, and sales management.

He also the founder of iSPEETS and has over 15 years of experience in the Information Technology. Beside being a trainer he also worked as Chief Software Architecture (CSA) where he had provided architecture consulting and their management at the project, organization and business unit levels, and has helped teams develop software, firmware and system architectures for products, product families and information systems, both locally in Malaysia as well abroad for Multinational Clients in UK, Cambodia, Indonesia, India and Japan. His domain expertise includes manufacturing, airlines, forwarding & shipping, legal industry, trading, college management system and e-governments. His
special expertise includes creating; designing and delivering unique Artificial Intelligent (AI) based CRM solutions.

He was the Project Consultant for the implementation of SAGA (Standard Accounting for Government Agencies) at several government agencies as a part of E-Government Implementation Nationwide that includes Labuan Development Authority (LDA). He had also undertaken consulting as well development of Legal Aid Firm management software for a company in London. He was also a co-technical advisor for MEB Plant & Asset Management System developed for Malaysia's MNC in the Construction Industry to automate their multi billion machinery and equipment.

He is now delivering the blend of best his global corporate experience and scientific ancient knowledge of yoga & meditation to man kind.




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Words cannot convey the value of Yoga & Meditation. It has to be experienced!
There is can never be another knowledge arise beyond Yoga & Meditation”

By Elanggovan