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Ancient Yoga Consulting founded on 29 August 2007 to provide very specific training which design to benefit corporate world.

The main goal of the ANCIENT Yoga is to be witness for all participants attain and maintain physical health, mental health, social health, spiritual health and eventually achieve self-realization. Based on the authentic Yoga tradition Yoga in ANCIENT YOGA contains the pure essence of the original Yoga teachings and was developed specifically to suit the mind and lifestyle of modern civilization.

The classes offer simple, safe, and practical techniques that quickly reduce tension and stress at any time and place, especially in the office as well home.


We provide:
Ways to identify stress signals and indicators
Posture improvement for tension management
Strength building for greater resistance to stress
Techniques for the workplace designed to alleviate tension before it builds into stress
Safe exercises (designed over 10,000 years ago) that bring more energy to the body
Breathing techniques that support healthy "Mood Management"

We also look at how stress affects our mind and our bodies and how stress can manifest in our physical form leading to tension and tightness within the body and possibly disease and look at how yogic practices has been proven to successfully reduce stress hormones supported by recent scientific research.

We have time tested package which will bring about achieving desire result towards greater success for your organization. Please refer the following diagrammatically explanation.



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